Monday, March 2, 2015

Tortola Diary Part Deux

Because we're all sick of this winter around here, just a few more pics from back in January from the fantastic British Virgin Islands. It's been almost 2 months - just memories now, but fondest ones, great surf, weather, locals, friends, food, and times.  Yes, life is indeed good.

Jamaican pro surfer Icah Wilmot's amazing setup
Icah is one of the most righteous individuals you will ever meet

DSC01706 DSC01690 DSC01657 DSC01656 DSC01652 DSC01638 DSC01714

frozen inspirations and frozen aspirations

This winter has shut everything down (including this blog), shut everyone in, and shut me out of any surfing. This is the 1st year I haven't surfed locally for 2 calendar months. I have always surfed at least once in any given February, not this year. And do you know what? When it's 14° with 30mph winds, I really don't care if mounds of plowed snow are blocking so much ocean access, because I'm not even getting out of my damn car, let along my living room!

So we suck it up and shovel. And shovel. Shovel the roof twice. To get it clear? Well sort of, to get it clear only to make way for the next weekly blizzard. Rinse, repeat.

Thus ends my gripe, dear readers. It's March, a new month, hopefully the sun will melt some snow and open up some parking spots. And I'll be dissapointed if 2015 doesn't set a snowfall record for the greater Boston area, too much blood, sweat, and tears has been shed!

Digging out ¡SNo Más! Loving the sun this afternoon.  Front Yard Alps & Mt. Driveway at their highest. Good Harbor Beach parking lot - 1 of 2 mounds at least 3 stories high.  Will there still be remnants on Memorial Day?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tortola Diary part 1

After sorely missing it last year Tortola in the lovely British Virgin Islands was a sight for sore eyes. And....a cane Garden Bay session can be crossed of the bucket list now, even though I got throttled there, broke a leash, dinged the board, and had to swim back to the pier.

But let's focus on the positive, it was pumping the 1st day, fun the next 2, and small for the duration of the trip. Surf on all but one of the days, but good times all the time.

DSC01607 DSC01604 DSC01637 DSC01641 DSC01663
When there wasn't any surf the snorkeling was terrif!
DSC01671 DSC01711
More to come...

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Makaha 1958

Just about as core as it gets! Going around Kaena Point and heading over to Makaha in 1958.

John Elwell Photo gleeped from the most excellent Surfing Heritage & Culture Center

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Closing Out 2014 with a Welcome Surprise Swell last Saturday

Pretty dang sweet for a day which was supposed to be flat - and 50° on December 27?
A great way to ease out of 2014 and into the new year.
The old Hanesn 50-50 - what can I say?
48 years old and still one lively monkey!
And to think I wanted to sell this.
_MG_3568 _MG_3558 _MG_3590