Thursday, December 6, 2018

Don't be a dick.

Especially in 2' hero waves

This is probably all over the interweb now so why not jump into the feeding frenzy.

From The Inertia:
"A surfer and surf school owner in Venice, California is under fire after aggressively pulling a female surfer’s leash on Tuesday morning at the Venice Pier."

Good on you, Rhonda Harper, for capturing this D.B. behavior.

Friday, November 30, 2018

California Trip part 2 of 2 - So-calissimo

This was my first trip to California since 2010 (8 years?!!) . The water was still 66°, and I never unpacked my wetsuit. It's now a few weeks later back east, and wetsuit-wise we're squarely in 5mm season with the water at 47°.

As usual I allowed myself to get overbooked, and while I was able to see a lot of friends and brother/sister, there were loads more I missed, and I'm sorry for that. Oh well, I'm supposed to be back in the Golden State in May, so consider yourselves warned.

In the meantime here are a few surfy pics, and of course, some hot rods.

A whole new generation of talented women surfers has come of age.
This girl was killing it, whoever she was!
Fitness Video Shoot in full effect at Manhattan Beach
I'd hit that -  PV Cove was breaking with only three people out!
Palos Verdes sunset - no filter
Taking it back to the old school at the original Bob's Big Boy in Burbank with my brother Matt.
Competition Orange, Supercharged Chrysler Hemi? Duece Coupe? 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thanks for lending me the bossest board in the world!

Tyler Surfboards Tyler Surfboards
Very fortunate and grateful to have had this beauty as a loaner board when I was in California a few weeks back. It's a pintail made 20 years ago, and Skratch did the pinstripin'. Despite the heaps of badass attitude, it was a dream to ride and paddled like a champ in the 66° water.
No dings allowed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

California Trip part 1 of 2 - the distant fires

Scary - the 2nd day the smoke drifted to the south bay - blocking the sun, irritating eyes, and filling the air with the smell of burning trash. Small inconveniences considering the suffering these fires unleashed. No filters here, folks.
Orange Skies - couldn't resist the LA/Arthur Lee & Love reference
Summery conditions at Manhattan Beach as Malibu burns in the distance. 
There was the eeriest orange cast to the sky on day 2 of the fire.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Earlier this month: Oregon Visit and David Crosby Concert

Best time ever!
David Crosby and yours truly - yeah pretty damn starstruck.
All I can think of is The Shining when Danny slid down the snow drift and ran to safety in the maze.
All I can think of is The Shining when Danny slid down the snow drift and ran to safety in the maze.

Monday, November 19, 2018

October recap

It's almost Thanksgiving but oh well. We had an early Nor-easter-ish and

Lake Winnipesaukee was an amazing discovery and fun weekend.
Meanwhile back in Ipswich Fall continued to wind down.