Monday, February 20, 2012

Smooth and Casual up north - small waves but long rides revitalize mid-winter stoke slump.

So often the best sessions are the ones that almost didn't happen.
It was less than flat around here, but 20 miles north it was clean with the occasional waist high wave. Again, Special J encouraged me to ride up and what a fun payout!
These waves peeled and peeled - fun city!
This grom ripped!
The light up here is amazing as well, the luminance! Cape Ann doesn't have a monopoly on that.

Linda Benson Rules!

A recent post on the most excellent Endless Bummer blog inspired me to throw this together:
We love you, Linda Benson, long may you rip!

Linda Benson

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of Those Sessions

Where the memory of the session is far fonder than the conditions would dictate. The waves were fun enough - despite the pictures - again, another instance of being in too much of a hurry to hit the waves. But with morning air temps of 28° (-2° centigrade), can you blame me? It's not that bad so long as the wind is light.
A new board had joined "the fleet" (seriously, folks now there's a storage issue), some of my favorite people were in the lineup, and no weekend crowds, the wind was so still you could actually feel the warmth of the sun on the black 5mm wetsuit, and the waves were a surprising chest high and consistent (only when I put the camera away).
The new board is sick as **** and rides like nobody's business. I'll need to raise my skills to a level worthy of it, Like any Tyler board, you need to ride it like you stole it, to be continued.

More Brilliance from Paul Witzig

Paul Witzig's 1969 Surf Movie "Evolution" staring Wayne Lynch and Nat Young! It follows their adventures in Italy, France, Portugal, Morocco, as well as the World titles in Puerto Rico.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don Cornelius, ‘Soul Train’ Creator

Thank you Don Cornelius - the show was amazing

Don Cornelius, the smooth-voiced television host who brought black music and culture into America’s living rooms when he created the dance show “Soul Train,” was found dead at his home in Los Angeles early Wednesday in what appeared to be a suicide, the authorities said. He was 75.

Kevin White Mayor of Boston 1968-1984. From turbulent times to boom times.

Let's face it, Boston is what it is today because of what happened on his watch, and he navigated the city through what could have been a catastrophe.
Growing up as a kid he was the mayor of the big city.

Love him or hate him, he had the balls to show leadership in racial issues when all other polititians (typical Mass. hacks) took a walk.

Just my opinion, he saved Boston from becoming yet another American rust-belt burg, and turned it into a pretty dynamic city - it wasn't always a smooth ride. OK it as the 80's, people got rich, cities everyhere got all shiney again - but leave it to some Mass. hack to blow it - it happens. But not this time.

A power broker par excellence, described as the country's first 'modern mayor' - whatever that means, but certainly the last of a breed. Insanely smart, he could go belly to belly with anyone - no better friend, no worse enemy kinda guy. A complex dude.

Plus - Kevin White got the Rolling Stones sprung from jail

In 1972, White made news when the Rhode Island State Police had arrested members of The Rolling Stones immediately prior to a Boston concert appearance. White persuaded the Rhode Island State Police to release the Stones into his personal custody.

This needs to be repeated:

White persuaded the Rhode Island State Police to release the Stones into his personal custody,

So that the band could make their scheduled concert appearance in Boston. White appeared on stage before the waiting fans at Boston Garden to keep the peace.
Mayor Kevin White tries to convince a skeptic, Boston