Saturday, July 30, 2011

This is gonna be good

Be Cool Man Trailer from Captain Fin Co on Vimeo.

The Nick DeWolfe Photo Archive

There's an amazing project on flickr call the Nick DeWolfe photo archive. Here's the link: Loads of Boston area in the 50's 60's 70's, motorcycle races in the desert, 1970's, the list goes on and on. Then this set of pictures comes up - wow:


He's "somebody" - any idea, friends?

1972 - I've never been to Hawaii, but I know today it would be wall to wall people given the same conditions, not just this one wahine. She's in her 60's today - scary when you think about it.

From wikipedia - a little background on the man himself:
Nicholas DeWolf (July 12, 1928 – April 16, 2006) was co-founder of Teradyne, a Boston, Massachusetts-based manufacturer of automatic test equipment. He founded the company in 1960 with Alex d’Arbeloff, a classmate at MIT.

He was born in Philadelphia and he graduated with an S.B. in EECS from MIT in 1948.
During his eleven years as CEO of Teradyne, DeWolf is credited with designing more than 300 semiconductor and other test systems, including the J259, the world's first computer-operated integrated circuit tester.

After leaving Teradyne in 1971, DeWolf moved to Aspen, Colorado, where in 1979, he teamed with artist Travis Fulton to create Aspen's "dancing fountain".

DeWolf also designed a computer system without hard disks or fans; this system (the ON! computer) booted up in seconds, a much faster time than even the computers of today.
In 2001, DeWolf was awarded the Telluride Tech Festival Award of Technology. In 2005, Nick and his wife, Maggie DeWolf, were inducted into the Aspen Hall of Fame.

DeWolf was also a keen photographer. DeWolf died in Aspen at the age of 77.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

California Counties

In Massachusetts, counties & county govt. are practically meaningless. I came across this map - I miss how in CA counties mattered. Each one has it's own flavor.

Small but fun glassoff - I'll take it, of course

Cirtainly, Sir!
Mind blowing clairty of water - it's back, may it stay forever, please.
Ans speaking od water, we're getting back to that silky temperature, may that stay forever as well, I'll take it, of course.

Margaux Arramon-Tucoo - Talented Artist/Surfer from France

Just Sayin' - she's got some cool stuff:
This is her fresh blog:

Keep A Breast X Margaux from the Fresh area on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Especially Good Blackburn Challenge 2011

The Blackburn Challenge is a 20+ mile open water circumnavigation of Cape Ann. Participants row or paddle small boats in the open ocean waters around Cape Ann, and conditions can vary dramatically throughout the day.
The Blackburn Challenge is open to all seaworthy oar or paddle powered craft. Classes include men’s and women’s Banks dories, fixed seat singles, doubles, multi-oars with cox, multi-oars without cox, sliding seat singles & doubles, single & double touring kayaks, single & double racing kayaks, surf skis, and outrigger canoes, in about that order.
Eric Rydbeck:
Ross Robinson:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

film - 7 month image pileup

Nothing major - a few highlights - half frames - I haven't seen those in ages:
CVS 1 hour photo cross-processing! They were so apologetic, I was thrilled:
No not vintage - low light and out of focus:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wonder Wonderful Wonderbolt

Hatchet fin - late model Wonderbolt™ fin system I will never diss hatchet fins again.
the water was FREEZING, the air temp was 95° or 35°C. So the damned lens kept fogging up.
drop knee turns - not for style points - that's the only way you're bringing this around.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Evolution of the Hipster - a touch harsh I guess

I should talk - I plead guilty to half this shit and am not remotely hip.

- Note - But this is a little harsh, I love tattoos, and just look at all the lo-fi pics on my flickr pages. I'm jealous of youth I guess - like the Smith's song goes. But this is just for yucks.

Hot Fun in the Summertime - Joe Bark is a saint, Sly Stone too

Paddleboards are lifesavers in heat like this.
and I've had this song in my head all day - the soundtrack while paddling around Gloucester harbor, "America's Home Port".

50mi. bike rides in hell (Kingston to New Paltz NY & back, plus detours) - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

50 miles on a single speed - no bueno and never again, I don't care how hot the Italian girls were, the weather was hotter. Plus they had Bianchi's, I had a hipster singlespeed. Hipness be damned, I'm still in pain. The Shwinnglespeed is one bad mood away from a dumpster. Next time I'll have my real roadie.
I can't reconnect with these folks without getting smashed beyond all recognition. All I can remember is pink Floyd's Piper at the Gates of Dawn.
Pink Floyd - The piper at the gates of dawn
My bud Derrick is a talented painter

And they have the biggest cat I've ever seen - a Maine Coon named Nelson:

Monday, July 11, 2011

How'd I miss this?

Now out on DVD - God was I asleep or what?

thanks Dewey

aka "the little man on wheels" iconic performer

The 10 foot Performer
I swear I'll never bag on hatchet fins again.

10' 0" Weber Performer "Performer '67" Model

Craiglist Maine find - This was the last of the weberperformers with a removable fin and a radically wide 20" nose -(the super scoop?). 10' x 24" wide x 20" nose - tail - not sure but wide.
During a sunset shakedown last night when it finally cleaned up. In waves were barely thigh high, all I can say is it catches waves well and with all that weight & length has glide beyond all imagination. More to come on this later. So stay tuned dearest readers.

Muclecar monday - buckethead's T bucket

Clean T Bucket with tri power. Pity the owner's a loser. You know, one of those clowns who drives around in something like this and then gets annoyed when people notice the car.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Like Paddling into a Fitz Hugh Lane painting

It's Fitz HENRY Lane - yeah I know but he's been dead a long time - why change his name. A little backstory , he was Gloucester's most famous painter and the raddest of all in the Luminist school in the 1840's & 50's. The light was just like it - well, it's the same place after all. My pictures do the light & Lane no justice.

The 12 foot Joe Bark paddleboard is a bit easier to manage, expecially with a little pump on the water than the 16' job. Speaking of the water - it's amazing for this early in the Summer, then again it was 92 dgrees that day - still 85 by the time I hit the water.
Thanks to Carol & Barbara for getting me access to the boards and the beach - it's caled Wonson's cove and no, it's not a surf spot, it's in a big harbor with water cleaner than most of the surf spots around here.

Gloucester Harbor is a great place to paddle, SUP, chill. - But look at this paining and tell me I'm not tripping.

These things are tough to knee paddle - gotta keep at it, gotta get me one of my own.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Musclecar Monday - 1968 Ponticac GTO

art fitzpatrick_'68j
GM redesigned its A-body line for 1968, with more curvaceous, "fastback" styling. Pontiac abandoned the familiar stacked headlights for hidden headlights behind the split grille.

The signature hood scoop was replaced by dual scoops on either side of a prominent hood bulge extending rearward from the protruding nose.
art fitzpatrick_'68i
A unique feature was the body-color Endura front bumper. It was designed to absorb impact without permanent deformation at low speeds. Pontiac touted this feature heavily in advertising, showing hammering at the bumper to no discernible effect.
art fitzpatrick_'68h
Motor Trend clocked a four-speed Ram Air at 14.45 seconds. Testers were split about handling, with Hot Rod calling it "the best-balanced car Pontiac ever built," but Car Life chiding its excessive nose heaviness, understeer, and inadequate damping.