Thursday, July 7, 2011

Musclecar Monday - 1968 Ponticac GTO

art fitzpatrick_'68j
GM redesigned its A-body line for 1968, with more curvaceous, "fastback" styling. Pontiac abandoned the familiar stacked headlights for hidden headlights behind the split grille.

The signature hood scoop was replaced by dual scoops on either side of a prominent hood bulge extending rearward from the protruding nose.
art fitzpatrick_'68i
A unique feature was the body-color Endura front bumper. It was designed to absorb impact without permanent deformation at low speeds. Pontiac touted this feature heavily in advertising, showing hammering at the bumper to no discernible effect.
art fitzpatrick_'68h
Motor Trend clocked a four-speed Ram Air at 14.45 seconds. Testers were split about handling, with Hot Rod calling it "the best-balanced car Pontiac ever built," but Car Life chiding its excessive nose heaviness, understeer, and inadequate damping.