Friday, June 29, 2012

Late June Paddling & Surfing

Locally it's been small but fun & clean the past few days.
Go Johnny O'! (above)
Will's got style (above).
Note the complete jackass on the left - who still thinks a SUP is a drop-in pass. AT first I though he was a speial needs or handicapped person. Nope, just a dope. You'll get someone hurt, Ass-clown. Even the other SUP'ers were telling the dude to chill.
Speking of sweepers, I guess I'm one now. We have a SUP now, here at the Speedway. For flatwater only but it's cool as hell being able to explore. More later, but yeah - the SUP thing is a hoot when the waves go flat.
My house is over there, someone nicked my pot o'gold.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

old home in old times

It's trippy, I was just paddling out here Sunday, enjoying same exact veiw but with trees & growth, (and in color).
Vintage pictures are cool. They're even cooler when they are actually old. Cooler still is when your childhood home is in one. This predates our earliest known photos by about 50 years - stoked! We lived in the 3rd house from the right.

Thanks again, Vintage Rockport!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice - Record Heat and Glassy Peelers for Int'l Surfing Day

Trunks, a rash guard, and somethig big to paddle was the right combination for international Surf Day. By the time I got to the beach it was 7:00, and it was still 95° (35° centigrade). There was no way in hell I was wearing any black rubber in this heat.
Wave after little wave acting like a total dork with friends in the lineup. With such high stoke I even did my own private beach pickup too, heat like this puts such a heavy strain on our beaches with the population heading to the water escaping the urban oven. Seriously, my friends from other areas, it's hot!
But what better way to take the edge off and put a smile on?
Josh & Joel - rail banging society charter members.
I hope you all had fun surf this International Surf Day/Summer (or Winter, for y'all down under) Solstice - what we have is magic, let's try not to eff it up!
Post-session libation with pals - perfection despite the mosquitos, I'm down a liter of O-positive - does that mean more buzz with less beer?

Parting shot:

The Wingnose Rides Again

Resplendent with her red, black and green Pan-African liberation nose-stripes.
Winds wend side and then offshore as the sun went down, tomorrow's going to be siiiick! Appropiately so for international surf day - go get your respective surfs on spuds!

Pretty Sunset

I live for this time of year

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I can hear music

I can hear music
I can hear music
The sound of the city, baby
Seems to disappear
No deep hidden meaning - it was just the song stuck in my head that evening.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finally clean finally sun

We had one strong blow & rain over the prior few days, and it seemd like it would never clean up.
Now it's crap again.
A bad cold kept me out of the water so I can get to know the 7D.
Loads of video - first wobbly steps you'll see maybe.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Workable Windswell

Hard onshores one day then less hard offshore the next day provided waves.
Was there a raincloud over just Cape Ann this weekend? It seems like everywhere else got sun.
Above: Chucky gets lucky.

Elsewhere the sideshores here nuts, so glad I went in where I did.
Oh well the waves were fun enough - kinda breaking all over the map but who's complaining?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

America’s Cup Defenders off Rockport - excellent Vintage Rockport blog

An America's cup race off Cape Ann? I had NO idea: - so this is an appropriate time for a huge shout out to one of my favorite blogs:
Vanitie vs. Weetamoe off Marblehead

See it here on the most excellent Vintage Rockport Blog:
Vintage Rockport Blog

Photo from Vintage Rockport:
Please visit

best wishes Maura and Paul

Talk about the torch having been passed to the next generation!
My darling Neice's wedding - confirmation that time does indeed fly.
Seems like yesterday you were a kid in pigtails, now the lovely bride!
Another darling neice from another brother, and sister Molly - partners in crime.
The food was amazing!

- thanks and best wishes Maura and Paul!
With much love from your uncle John.