Monday, October 31, 2011

Rocktober Ends with Tasty Leftovers

Fun, but a little closed out.
This is the Almond I picked up in the Weber Performer swap - Dave Allee & crew indeed made fine surfing boards. It has a pig outline (wide point a little aft of center) and is very much at home on beach breaks. D-fins were never really a preference of mine, but it works "just swell" and is gorgeous to look at. Check out Almond Surfboards.
I have a surfboard glut now - keep that in mind, friends.
I can fit a 10' along with a 9' inside my Honda Civic.
Sligtly more fun than it looks.

Rocktober Nor'easter, 1st of the Season

A little too big & out of control around here - crazy rips too.
But Devereaux was fun until 3 ill-mannered standup types arrived acting like they owned the place. They did not let a single wave go by, a few bad apples I SUPose, leave it to me to find them.

I shot film, video, digital - can't wait to see the film - using an ancient 300mm lens. I wanted to shoot red SUP guy with a 9mm, or maybe .308Win.

But the drops were amazing, despite the 45° temps, obigatory strog wind, and gloves that stayed on the kitchen table.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Onde Nostre | Sri Lanka

Third teaser shot in Sri Lanka of the new surf project by Block10.
With Alessandro Ponzanelli and stylish Alessia Feraciti.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Motorcycle Friday - I can't stop dreaming about them


ducati gt1000

Bild 32


aspen 1975-77 set 01 slide 07

Team Ryders: Western Australia

Photo shoot for John
Originally uploaded by Hannah Katarski
Hannah & James: fabulousness! I haven't even finished my a.m. coffee and my day is already made.

Thanks and keep shooting the amazing photos!

Via Flickr:
James is even doing his blue steel pose.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rocktober Almond Harvest

The Weber Performer was swapped for an Almond Surf Thump. It's their pig outline, and this particular board as Almond's founder & shaper Dave Alee's very own.
The transaction took place down in RI, and it was so satisfying not only to find out the new board rides the @#$%, but to be able to do so ten minutes after shaking hands on the deal.
This is an extremely nifty board. Here she is in Newport Beach with her Daddy & 1st owner.
About a year ago I had the coolest time visiting the Almond shop in Newort Beach, and shooting the shit with Dave Allee & crew. Great folks, great shop & great boards - watch for them.
Pretty amped!

below: No significance here - I just liked the logo. The place is in Portugal.

Parking garage where I work - Stark Angles and a clone Shelby Mustang

The angles and conctrete were so cold and stark - playing around with blask & white. Almost like '60's brutalist architecture.

They're installing solar panels on teh roof of the car park - we salute that.
But the Mustang was cool, an authentic Shelby? Hmmm, but the owner's heart is in the right place.

Another Good Movie Coming Soon

This is old news for many of you, but this looks good too.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Locally: Windy, Welcome

Better than I thought but with strong-ass winds which werern't quite sideshore, but not offshore either. Double extra high tide made the place different, not worse, just different. Good thing, now that I think about it.
You worked for the fun this time.

Finally back at the car dripping & this photo-shoot's going on.

"You're gonna have to move these surfbords, they can't be here"
-The photographers. But the wedding party thought it was a riot.

Best wishes to the newlyweds, you got a super day.
from my car window

Enric Adrian Gener Photographer

Originally uploaded by ennnric
Enric Adrian Gener- incredibly talented water/underwater photographer from Menorca, Balearic islands, Spain.

Water-folk and friends; just take a moment to check it out - all in the Mediterranean, I'm getting tired of "favorite-ing" all his pictures!
Enric Adrian Gener - on Flickr
over the sand
playing with apples

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ophelia Starts Fall with a Bang

For a lot of folks. It's understood, it was bigger at other places.
But friends would cycle in and out of the lineup, 3 max. I pull up and was too amped to wait for a bigger set wave to shoot - gotta pull on that rubber and paddle out might the donkey stampede arrive.
And another Lysergic sunset:
Maybe this is gonna be a good Fall after all.

Musclecar Monday - duece coupe

Team Ryder - El Segundo represent!
Tri-power small block Chevrolet & American Racing Torq-thrust wheels - classic '60's style. This has got to be fast.
Photo Gleeped from Wayne Okamoto's blog