Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fun from the Past Few Days

I'm getting back into a surf-ier lifestyle. What's that? It's a life focus fitness, diet, and keeping up on forecasts. And let's dace it, at 53 I'm no spring chicken, so I'll need to look into yoga to keep them joints open. That said I was still quite the donkey lately. This nor the 42° water hasn't dampened the good times riding an 11 sec. swell the past few days.
DSC01405.jpg DSC01388.jpg DSC01378.jpg DSC01398.jpg

excuse letter from Robert DeNiro

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Water Temperature Graph Geekery - Boston Buoy

download (1).csv

April recap

So what's been going on you ask? (or not)
Some small and mushy waves, the water is still bottomed out at 40.8°. I'm developing an accute mastery of missing the fun conditions.
Checking out the Mass. Audubon Society birdwatcher's lookout tower on Plum Island:
IMG_4364.jpg IMG_4367.jpg
Spectacular as ever sunsets, despite the obnoxious wintery temperatures.
IMG_4408.jpg IMG_4422.jpg IMG_4410.jpg
The solo days go on and on.