Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking a Big One for the Team

It's about 60°, sunny, light offshores, head high. In short, perfection. I could even hear the surf pound the rocks from where I'm living last night. And your's truly showed up for work.


Adding insult to injury is that it's my birthday. Freinds, catch a wave for me, and buy me drinks this weekend. You know who you are!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Toy Camera Photos

The Diana Camera is a 1960's toy camera. They leak light, I need to tape up the seams. But the low grade plastic lens combined with nice rich film makes almost dream like results. It's pricey to get 120mm film processed, and sometimes only a few shots come out, so I dont do Diana pics too often. This latest batch was super. One thing: the rangefinders on Dianas are not to be trusted. Useless, but that adds to the fun.








Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Surprise

More Jazzing the Glass

All the local surf websites and were predicting flatness for the weekend. Believe it or not, I was half relieved, I’m so backlogged at the office I had to work through the weekend. Groan groan, but it’s good to have a job these days.
4:00, still loads of light, and it was another mild day. I’m thinking I’ll go for a walk along the back shore with the Canon and shoot some photos; a favorite way of mine to unwind.

I pull up to Bad harbor and whoop de doo, small clean waves, and no wind. I can get used to this.
2 solid hours on the Junod put a smile on my face. Especially after working (2nd weekend straight of being treated to fun waves after trudging into work). But I don’t want work or any heavy obligation hanging over me during a surf session. Forget it, I wont enjoy it, and I’d be really behind the eight ball after. Like Skip Frye says in The Seedling: “I like to get my work done, then surf”.
It must be emphasized how amazingly clear the water is – you could see the sandy bottom straight down ten feet. This is how cape Ann water is supposed to be like all the time: Clean, clear and damn cold. And believe me friends, there was no, I mean no wind. And these little waves kept coming through. Cape Ann’s light was working its magic too.
This was sweet payback for some might long days lately.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rock Steady - missing link between Reggae and Ska

We love Reggae, we love Ska (especially yours truly). Bau have you ever heard of Rock Steady?

Ska goes way back to the late 50's to mid 60's, and then enjoyed a super revival in the late 70's with UK acts like the Specials, Madness, and a host of others.

But it's generally accepted that Ska evolved into Reggae. The Maytals, the Wailers and others began as ska acts, along with Desmond Dekker, the Skatalites, gosh, the list could go on and on.

But did you know about Rock Steady? It was the bridge between Ska and Reggae. It would take a musicologist and/or a serious musician to go into the differneces. But basically Ska's quick tempo slowed down to the pace of what we hear in, say, a Bob Marley tune.

The missing link between Ska & Reggae was Rock Steady.

Rocksteady arose at a time when young people from the Jamaican countryside were flooding into the urban ghettos of Kingston — in neighborhoods such as Riverton City, Greenwich Town and Trenchtown. Though much of the country was optimistic in the immediate post-independence climate, these poverty-stricken youths did not share this sentiment. Many of them became delinquents who exuded a certain coolness and style. These unruly youths became known as rude boys.

As a musical style, rocksteady was shortlived, and existed only for about two years. For this reason original recordings in this genre are often harder to find than those from the ska and reggae era. In contrast to rocksteady, the Jamaican ska trend lasted several years, and classic reggae lasted for over a decade.

A better known Rock Steady song was Millie Small's 1964 hit "My Boy Lollipop":

Enjoy this:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jazzing the Glass in New Hammy


Nothing epic, but mild 60° (15°c) temperatures and no wind (first time since about September, it seems) made for some mighty fun waist plus beach session.

Fun fast rights on the dropping tide, lefts on the rising tide. Get the log ready.

Spring fever big time.



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Session Ends Surf Drought

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Out here we surf because we have to.
There were waves today! And it was Sunday. Consistent waist plus with the occasional chest high sets. Clean and crispy, but this is New England, and there’s always a catch.

The catch was 25° air temps, a strong offshore wind and driving snow. I actually suited up and paddled out in the snow. There were six other surfers out.
The snow switched over to a snow frozen mist mix. The latest sensation in surfing: riding a fun right while your eyes are being harpooned my wind driven darts of micro ice pellets.

Desperate times indeed.
The Andreini:

The first half hour of the session was a repeat of the so so Newport debut. But finally I started to get it dialed in.

The Andreini is very loose, responsive, and fast. It’s not a hull, but Marc Andreini is a big hull guy, and the displacement hull sensibilities seem apparent on the bottom turn. And boy does she turn! Compared to the Tyler 305 (a different animal altogether), it’s a lot looser.

More Roller Derby Fun

It’s been over a year since I went last. A shame because this is so damn entertaining.

Roller Derby has really caught on and is blowing up. Standing room only at the Shriner’s Auditorium, 1,500 plus. A great time was had by all, Slim Jim and the Mad Cows were super as the half time act.
What impresses me is how the women (the dames) of opposing teams while competitors have a sisterly comeraderie. Why not? You’d expect that of people who are into the same thing, sharing the same passion. Very sporting. Why can’t surfers be like that – sure.

>>Check it!