Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Surprise

More Jazzing the Glass

All the local surf websites and were predicting flatness for the weekend. Believe it or not, I was half relieved, I’m so backlogged at the office I had to work through the weekend. Groan groan, but it’s good to have a job these days.
4:00, still loads of light, and it was another mild day. I’m thinking I’ll go for a walk along the back shore with the Canon and shoot some photos; a favorite way of mine to unwind.

I pull up to Bad harbor and whoop de doo, small clean waves, and no wind. I can get used to this.
2 solid hours on the Junod put a smile on my face. Especially after working (2nd weekend straight of being treated to fun waves after trudging into work). But I don’t want work or any heavy obligation hanging over me during a surf session. Forget it, I wont enjoy it, and I’d be really behind the eight ball after. Like Skip Frye says in The Seedling: “I like to get my work done, then surf”.
It must be emphasized how amazingly clear the water is – you could see the sandy bottom straight down ten feet. This is how cape Ann water is supposed to be like all the time: Clean, clear and damn cold. And believe me friends, there was no, I mean no wind. And these little waves kept coming through. Cape Ann’s light was working its magic too.
This was sweet payback for some might long days lately.


  1. John, I'm not sure if you know about this but a buddy of mine has been developing it and it just got approved-

    It's a surfing app for the iphone.

  2. So many people these days more worried about theyre next wave than worrying about theyre working future, its nice to hear somebody take a break from surfing to help rebuild the economy by putting in a hard days work.

    Cheers to you John!!,


    PS I had previously posted some photos of the bust ass industrial electrical work I do, but figured surfers/artist wouldnt care photos of that...maybe I'm wrong?