Friday, May 31, 2013

new chapter begins with sale of long time family home

Fond memories of the old lady, but all things must pass old storm pic - the place was built in the 1890's: thatchersStormy.jpg
These next 2 are from the most excellent Vintage Rockport blog

So the place had some roots
sea smoke - plenty of that the past few years: 84340004.JPG lightning - lots of close calls too, no joke!: IMG_1903.JPG kiddie pool: john-pool-scan2.jpg Hot wheels were (and still are) the best: johnKidPic02.jpg Always a warm welcome, and a great place to grow up: johnKidPic-00.jpg And to whomever moves in, there will always be a bright dawn ahead!: IMG_1432.JPG

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ritratti di Surf | Girls Girls Girls | Part1


They call me Mr. May

_MG_2495 The wonderbar is still with us - amazing rides, such a fast wave right here in our own back yard. Everyone, everyone, everyone has been having perfect sessions all month, and while I've had fun, the mind-bending sessions I hear about were proving to be elusive for me. Until Saturday. _MG_2514 So it's raining, but it's clean, the tide's right and the 5:00 Bruins game is keeping the mob at a reasonable level. A crack in the clouds made a rainbow just as yours truly lucked into a set wave. Everyone was caught inside, but with my ADD the offshore wind pushed me way out. Daydreaming has its benefits. So I'm flying across the face of the wave of the day with this rainbow behind me, and all a witness could say is "wave of the month, you're Mr. May, complete with a rainbow behind you". That's saying a lot, May was a good month. _MG_2506

at home with 29"

When it isn't surfboards ny butt's planted on a bicycle. I had mountain bikes over the years, but never felt at home until I tried out a 29er - it's like a bike with wagon wheels and it rolls over everything. So I sold a surfboard and an old firearm and put it towards this Santa Cruz - this is a machine - the shifting and stopping is like nothing I've experienced before. And blasting down trails - this flies! Santa Cruz 29er - like wagon wheels! #centraalcycle #santacruz #mtb
the 29er: finally at home on a mtb!
Stay tuned - I wanna see how much trouble I can get into on this thing.

Musclecar Monday - 1962 Lincoln Continental

This week we're swapping the grease, rockabilly, and tire smoke for gin & tonics and Sinatra - maybe the prettiest car to ever come out of Detroit: One of. Detroit's prettiest
Most favorite car ever - '62 Lincoln

past 4 weeks catch up

What's been happening? May had plenty of waves - folks everywhere had fun. Jared shaped down a busted log into a quad - he destroys it on this thing.
The fog clears and it's Spring outside.
Hands Across the Sand was put on locally by the Mass. Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation - very cool,
I've been looking at houses - missed these two: Love this house
This was in Essex:

The right one will pop up stay posted!
It's time consuming as hell, with a lot to learn, but satisfying.