Wednesday, May 29, 2013

They call me Mr. May

_MG_2495 The wonderbar is still with us - amazing rides, such a fast wave right here in our own back yard. Everyone, everyone, everyone has been having perfect sessions all month, and while I've had fun, the mind-bending sessions I hear about were proving to be elusive for me. Until Saturday. _MG_2514 So it's raining, but it's clean, the tide's right and the 5:00 Bruins game is keeping the mob at a reasonable level. A crack in the clouds made a rainbow just as yours truly lucked into a set wave. Everyone was caught inside, but with my ADD the offshore wind pushed me way out. Daydreaming has its benefits. So I'm flying across the face of the wave of the day with this rainbow behind me, and all a witness could say is "wave of the month, you're Mr. May, complete with a rainbow behind you". That's saying a lot, May was a good month. _MG_2506