Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jazz the Glass

From Gnar Gnar et. al. This is all over the surf-blogosphere. Yeah, I'll jump onboard. This isn't my most original, but this trailer is sheer brilliance. I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amazing Video - Palos Verdes 1939

Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, CA. One of the earliest surf spots on the continental US. It was a super wave in 1939, it's super wave today. This video is of a smaller day at the cove. It's still just like this today.

A lot of you know - I'm a big flickr user and this guy posted this bitchin' video on my "Surfboards & Quiver Shots" flickr group. Maybe I shouldn't be against videos on Flickr. Watch & enjot

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poor Physical Conditioning, Wind Make for Inauspicious Andreini Debut

Finally waves. Cape Ann and points north were flat, but there were waves in Rhode Island. Nothing huge, mind you but something ride-able. The important thing was to shake down the new shred. I could not wait.
Adding to the stoke was the fact that we had a 50° day. Keep in mind; the daytime high 48 hours earlier was 17°. But there’s always a catch, the wind was cranking again. I could barely but the board in the car.

Special J called, she and her crew were up super early and scored bags of waves in Pt. Judth, but that was 4 hours earlier, before the front passed and the wind started blasting. Blasting since October. It’s getting old.

So Special J met up at First Beach, and I went in. With the you know what, it was hard to paddle, and my desperate shape didn’t help matters. I think I was able to snag a quick left and a quick right. That’s it. The on-shores were such that to take off, I had to be further inside than what would be ideal. Oh well. And stopping by Second beach was a mistake; it was much cleaner, bigger, but far more crowded. Word was the lineup was packed solid.

But it was good to get the Andreini in the water, and to see the salt water drying up into little white rings on the board in my car on the long cruise home. It wasn’t quite the bang I had hoped for, but it wasn’t that way for the Yellow 305, the 777, or the Cooperdesigns.

Special J took some super pictures, thanks!

Post surf in Newport always means a stop at my favorite shop, Elemental Surf & Skate. And since I was down there, I thought I’d check out Water Brothers. They closed. But Sid still does surf reports, the best around. But the silver lining to that cloud was a cool little bar a few doors down called Pour Judgment. It had me at hello. Beer and a super burger (and I wonder why I’m in poor shape) all $11 - tip included. I’ll be back.

Newport jaunts: a great way to change up the routine.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lux Interior - 1946 - 2009

I'm getting tired of the greats passing away.

Friends, take a moment to download some Cramps tracks, that's all I can say after another 12 hour day.

Go easy Lux, thanks for all the great music! We'll miss you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1980 Never Looked So Cool

UFO - a very shagadelic series from the UK. We kids had so much to look forward to in 1971. I'd watch a show like this now.

I even had a UFO lunchbox probably from Mal's department store, Gloucester. That was before the famous King Fu Lunchbox.