Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nick DeWolf Photos

Nick DeWolf Photos

Born in Philadelphia, later a Bostonian and later still a "hall of fame", fountain-designing Aspenite, nick DeWolf was a unique, inspiring, engaging and curious soul. A founder of Boston's Teradyne corporation, He was also a lifelong, extremely passionate and talented photographer, as evidenced by the images presented on flickr.

From the 1950’s to the 90’s he carried a camera with him at all times, usually a family of cameras.

There’s an archivist working to post Nick's images in their original sets as they are scanned and processed. An admirer put it best:
"A stunning, day-by-day journey through America a half century ago. This project is simply unparalleled."

Here are some of my favs:
It's hard to believe this girl is in her 70's - cool portrait

Groovy girl, Aspen 1977 - Oh Behave

I would kill for that 1950 Shoebox Ford - dude's a total player

When a Jeep was a Jeep - 1950-something Willys CJ - sigh

Boston 1957 - WOW

The amazing pics go on and on

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deepest Summer

July 26, just about the midpoint of sacred, divine, and holiest Summer. No surf but the day escaped paradise. What to do. Same as I did in 1977 as a 12-year-old: ride my bike to 'Lil' Parker' and plunge into water so clear and soft that a shower will actually make me less clean. No joke. And to top off the whole 'Summertime-and-the-livin-is-easy' trip, we're about to get a late afternoon thunderstorm. How freakin' classic is that?

Can I get a witness, fellow Cape Anners?

Time for a chill'n grill and a beer. Who's in?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

18 Hour Storm Lights Up My Nearest Faraway Place

It loved us and left us. A night and morning of great waves almost everywhere.
By the next morning it had dropped off a great deal, but was still loads of fun

Sunday, July 19, 2009

NH & Local

Well, not that bad today - the tide was incoming. The only pollution was scores of swimmers.

Session 1: NH, my second new spot in as many days. No surfers loads of folks in the warm water, but a delicious wave on the Junod. And to think, a few miles up the coast was vibey surfboard soup at the wall. The water was amazing, clear and warm. Just trunks in the 81° (27°c) air.

Session 2: Local. 5:00, quittin' time for the lifeguards, and the starting gun for the donkey stampede. Whatever, I had fun, ans surfed until dark. I lost a pint of blood to the hard core mosquitoes on the walk back to the car.

Question: have you ever sold a surfboard and regretted it? Well I have have a board I'm just not feeling. I swapped it for the 9'6" Anderson Josh Farberow model I sold to Chad in 1995. The first ride was incredible, I'm very happy. THE RED BOARD IS BACK!

More Roller Derby Fun

It had been too long since my last bout. This time The Boston Massacre hosted a club from Albuquerque - the Munecas Muertas. They rocked! Even thouh they lost, they won the style contest hands down. Nce bunch of kids, but I wouldn't want to cross them.
The 2nd bout was an all local Show - the Nutckrackers vs. the Wicked Pissahs. These girls are so dedicated to the sport, and they're super ambassadors to the fans. There's a great energy all around.
Ad then to top it all off, I skipped the after party to catch the end of the Gloucester Block party. Again they were blessed with perfect weather. And more Derby Dames - this time projected on the walls od America's Home Port. Captain Joe had it all set up.

Surfing a New Spot

Riding new waves and new spots is one of the best surf-buzzes there is. This spot hads been overrun of late, but on a smaller day I had it to myself. Even at thigh hi, this wave has a little punch. Just trunks & a t shirt for sun protection and I was good to go.
The Mini Zeke and me - great to be reacquainted.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mini Zeke Shines in Welcome Home Party

The M.Zeke had been on on loan to friends, in an effort to get others to drink the Tyler Kool Aid. No takers--this time. Fun in clean thigh hi's again at Gu'Haba. At 9 feet, the Mini Zeke catches waves & trims nicely. You'll be seeing more of the sparkly green board.
And this old Pontiac just about made my day.

Hive Cape Ann Blowout

thanks Jon & Karen!

From their website:

"The Hive seeks to build community by providing a space for arts exploration, cross-pollination of ideas and promoting creative and active lifestyles on Cape Ann.

We are a pretty diverse crew, ranging both in our artistic styles as well as our passions. However, we find common ground in our vision to unite the creative & active community and make Cape Ann a more unique place.

For a place that has such a rich history with the arts, sometimes it feels like the current scene is much too focused on traditional fine art and is lacking on support for new mediums. Our gallery at The Hive sprouted from the fact that we have so many local friends doing interesting work, without a clear venue to show it."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hampton Surfboard Soup / A fair Shake for the Andreini

A complete zoo and a very poorly behaved SUP'er.
The Andreini - Marc Andreini is one of the best shapers around, but the hullish boards are hard to ride. I was considering selling the pretty green board, but I need to give it time.
Here's a cool article about Marc Andreini with some amazing old pictures.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It’s so nice when this turn out better than expected.

The waves tonight were small, but the shape was super, and there were only 2 other surfers out. And once you cranked the turn, you’d fly. Yet another benefit of wide boards.

The Olympus 1050sw goes in the water, shoots great pics, and you can surf with it, it’s so small.
The water was trunkable – yay.
There was a 10-year-old butterball of a kid playing in the waves with a body board. Kinda in the way, but not really. It was, after all thigh, occasional waist high. I had to pull out to avoid hitting him. It was like a hall of mirrors, I think that he was me in a time warp. That could have been me circa 1975, a goofy kid with a kick board from Mal’s department store, resplendent with STP stickers, happier than a pig in you know what. Same deal 34 years later.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Hive Cape Ann - opening show this Friday


Featuring Tom Torrey's robots, and a bunch of other swell stuff, like my pictures. But seriously, Tom doesn't say much it seems, but his robots speak volumes to his talent. They make me wanna freaky deaky. Maybe not, unless they come with the TK421 upgrade.


Enjoy this: A very talented young lady with a hula hoop.

The Hive Art Opening - Friday July 10th

The Hive is equal parts working studio, gallery event space & clubhouse for the younger generation of Cape Ann creative folk. We formed early in 2009 to encourage art & idea collaborations, support systems and the creation of links between individuals and their community as a whole.

Come check out our grand opening Friday July 10th from 7-10PM. Tons of fresh work, cold beer, great food and good people. For more info on the Hive and participating artists check out our site