Wednesday, November 21, 2012

rocket rides & random bomber flyby at dusk

A short session but the best surfing personally since September. And happy Thanksgiving!
_MG_1671 _MG_1664 _MG_1676
And plus, out of the clearing clouds, like a scene from a movie a WWII bomber emerged from the mist low slow and loud just amazing. Ghost plane?

Musclecar Monday: Plymouth: More Barracudas, less Rocks

Plymouths again are the thing since it's Thanksgiving, you know Plymouth Pilgrims, etc. - feast on these:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tail-end of Sandy Provides Silver Lining of Sorts

A few from Saturday. It was flat by Sunday, almost a week after the storm hit. It's hard to get all stoked on a swell from a storm that hurt a lot of people. But I'll get off my high horse because I suited up and paddled out. _MG_1629 _MG_1644

My Blank Ballot - Election 2012

Just before filling it out:
My Blank Ballot - Election 2012 I'm the biggest dork. Pre-vote - pics at the poll are not legal in some states- I'm just so excited to vote - an amazing right, folks have no idea how big a deal that is.

vote today