Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cuckoo on the Choo Choo

I have a tough commute - Rockport to Boston. Route 128 to rte 1 to 93 to the $11 lot on Sea Port Ave. Then at night I do it all over again in reverse.

To break up the dirge, and to preserve my nerves, I've been taking the commuter rail. It means getting up 30 min earlier, and getting home about an hour later (groan groan), but it's important to mix it up, chill and catch up on my reading. I'm finishing up "Catch a Wave", a splendid bio about Brian Wilson.

It's also good (up to a point) to be around other people. I see more of the city, and have a nice 20 min walk to & from North Station. It's about as expensive as driving & parking, but on Mondays & bad weather days, the drive is obnoxious, so those will be the days you'll find me on the choo choo, chillin' and giving my nerves a break.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Tropical Storm Noel

November 4th, the first real swell to hit New England shores since April did not disappoint. The storm actually was the day before, a tropical storm turned nor'easter, with 50-60 mph gusts & driving rain that kicked up a monster ground swell.

Sunday: 830 am:

With the 777 and winter wetsuit loaded in my Honda Civic, my 1st stop was cape Hedge beach. It's a favorite of some friends. No one there, it was big but sloppy. Next stop was the creek side of Long Beach (my fav). The tide was dropping, and it was chest high but totally closed out. More morning sickness.

But the hotel side of Long was HUGE, with double overhead waves and amazing shape. Way too big for me, friends, but take a look at the picture. There was a longboarder out there absolutley killing it, noseriding, doing roundhouse cutbacks, the whole nine. The hot shots on shortboards were amazing. For once, it seemed that Long Beach in Rockport was the place to be. There were some pretty ballsy dudes out there.

It was such a gorgeous morning too, with the waves backlit by the softer fall sunlight, a pretty green/gold. Talking to my bud Jon, I decided that a trip to New Hampshire would be good for me, the tide was dropping here, not the best setup for longboards.

The next stop was the private end of Good Harbor, a passable low tide spot, and a left. A total consolation prize, but it looked fun enough. Screw shlepping to NH. Get in touch with the local trip. I didn't care it was better elsewhere. Here is where I wanted to be. Such a satisfying feeling. Right in my own back yard for a change!

Long story short, I went out in my Winter suit, and caught a bunch of fast, quick lefts over a 3 hour period. Just me & Greg Sacca. The waves were waist plus (see pic), but being so over wieght and out of shape, this was probably the smartest choice for me. Am I ever sore as I type this.

Have I surfed better waves? Yes. Have I surfed better? Hell yes. Were there better waves to be had elsewhere, yes indeedy. So why am I still buzzed? Maybe it was being able to join in the big event in a tiny way. Also, that private corner of Good Harbor seldom gives up the goods, but yesterday, the 777 was the right key to unlock the waves.