Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Session Ends Surf Drought

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Out here we surf because we have to.
There were waves today! And it was Sunday. Consistent waist plus with the occasional chest high sets. Clean and crispy, but this is New England, and there’s always a catch.

The catch was 25° air temps, a strong offshore wind and driving snow. I actually suited up and paddled out in the snow. There were six other surfers out.
The snow switched over to a snow frozen mist mix. The latest sensation in surfing: riding a fun right while your eyes are being harpooned my wind driven darts of micro ice pellets.

Desperate times indeed.
The Andreini:

The first half hour of the session was a repeat of the so so Newport debut. But finally I started to get it dialed in.

The Andreini is very loose, responsive, and fast. It’s not a hull, but Marc Andreini is a big hull guy, and the displacement hull sensibilities seem apparent on the bottom turn. And boy does she turn! Compared to the Tyler 305 (a different animal altogether), it’s a lot looser.