Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rocktober Almond Harvest

The Weber Performer was swapped for an Almond Surf Thump. It's their pig outline, and this particular board as Almond's founder & shaper Dave Alee's very own.
The transaction took place down in RI, and it was so satisfying not only to find out the new board rides the @#$%, but to be able to do so ten minutes after shaking hands on the deal.
This is an extremely nifty board. Here she is in Newport Beach with her Daddy & 1st owner.
About a year ago I had the coolest time visiting the Almond shop in Newort Beach, and shooting the shit with Dave Allee & crew. Great folks, great shop & great boards - watch for them.
Pretty amped!

below: No significance here - I just liked the logo. The place is in Portugal.