Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice - Record Heat and Glassy Peelers for Int'l Surfing Day

Trunks, a rash guard, and somethig big to paddle was the right combination for international Surf Day. By the time I got to the beach it was 7:00, and it was still 95° (35° centigrade). There was no way in hell I was wearing any black rubber in this heat.
Wave after little wave acting like a total dork with friends in the lineup. With such high stoke I even did my own private beach pickup too, heat like this puts such a heavy strain on our beaches with the population heading to the water escaping the urban oven. Seriously, my friends from other areas, it's hot!
But what better way to take the edge off and put a smile on?
Josh & Joel - rail banging society charter members.
I hope you all had fun surf this International Surf Day/Summer (or Winter, for y'all down under) Solstice - what we have is magic, let's try not to eff it up!
Post-session libation with pals - perfection despite the mosquitos, I'm down a liter of O-positive - does that mean more buzz with less beer?

Parting shot: