Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wave Famine


31 Saturday -
East of Portland - flat.
Cape Ann to Portland -flat.
South Shore to Cape Ann -flat.
Cape Cod - flat.
S of the Cape -flat.

1 Sunday -
N of the Cape - flat with small SW chop developing late for Maine.
Cape - flat.
S of the Cape - flat with small SW chop developing.

Will this ever end?

I've had this for over a month now and it hasn't seen a drop of salt water. Geeez!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gloucester Guerilla Art Project - G-GAP's been postponed on account of snow

The event has been rescheduled due to the parking ban, please pass the word in CAPS!
We won’t have it tonight we will be showing it on an even better time and date-Sunday February 15th at 1:30PM

Please Pass the Word!

Tonight's Gloucester Guerilla Art Project Postponed

The snow isnt all that bad, but the parking ban on Gloucester streets means you'll get towed during the benefit.

But cheer up spuds: THE SHOW WILL HAPPEN ON SUNDAY FEB 15.

It's a Sunday early afternoon so no excuses! In fact if you blow it off, I'll take it personally (this means so much to me).

So see you then! Again Feb. 15!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I think this is gonna work out

A Commander in Chief that gives big shakas. A very good sign. The White House could use a little Aloha. Bring in the new!
And roll out the old. How emblematic. See ya later, Dick.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gloucester Guerilla Art Project - Jan 28th

Celebrate Gloucester in a unique way with a collection of photos, videos and films.

I'm honored to share a slideshow of his pictures, "Never the Same Place Twice: the Many Moods of Cape Ann". It's basically a slide show of selected cape Ann photos, shown at the Gloucester Stage/Cape Ann Community Cinema. WOW!

The last event was a gas, and I hope my photos are good enough for such a cool event.

C'mon over to East Gloucester on the 28th (not the 29th as earlier posted) and see all kinds of cool art, film, photography and maybe music.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino: 1920 - 2009

A tough week of losses - 2 fine actors gone forever. First Patick McGoohan, and now Ricardo Montalbán.

Fantasy Island and soft Corithian Leather (he ad libbed that by the way - and Chrysler stuck with it).
A dude from Mexico City played the role of a Cop from Cape Cod!

He worked constantly since the 1940's mostly in television, but remember Khan and all the others.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Patrick Joseph McGoohan: 1928 - 2009

I am not a number, I am a free man

Patrick McGoohan, the Emmy-winning actor who created and starred in the cult classic television show The Prisoner, died. He was 80.

Before I get into this, just realize this - he was one of the best.

He was best known for his acting/producing role in The Prisoner - a cult 60's British series. The Prisoner follows a former British agent who, after abruptly resigning from his position, is held captive in a small seaside village by an unidentified power that wishes to establish the reason for his resignation. He can stick it to his captors.

Without the Prisoner, we'd never have had cryptic, mindbending TV series like Twin Peaks or Lost. It's the Citizen Kane of British TV – a program that changed the landscape, and quite possibly destroyed its creator. Like Orson Welles with Kane, McGoohan was given the whole train set to play with on the Prisoner, and boy did he play with it. The title sequence was the only solid ground – we knew McGoohan had resigned, then been drugged and brought to "The Village". The rest was questions rather than answers – Where is "Number 6"? What's his real name? Why DID he resign? What was he resigning from? Who Is Number One? What ARE those white blobs bouncing along the beach?

But more than that, The Prisoner did audacious things with the very format of television. Like shooting one entire episode as a western – complete with atrocious "American" accents. Or substituting McGoohan with a different actor for an entire episode (the pretext was something to do with mind transferrence – in fact McGoohan was away shooting Ice Station Zebra). Or simply having a ball with spy movie conventions.

In an ironic twist, he was masterful in the role of the prison wardon in the vastly underrrated Clint Eastwood classic Escape from Alcatraz.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Personal surf drought


It's been over a month for me. This is just pathetic. The last time I surfed was December 12th. Here's a picture from that fabled day (it wasn't quite as good as that picture would indicate). This is to encourage hope or to reinforce bad feelings.

Seriously, friends, this is bad!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Brooklyn trip:

Last weekend I took a quick trip to Brooklyn. I love the place, always did.

Brooklyn – the famous borough is known as the “city of homes”, and a lot of other things. I know it’s the city of gorgeous women. I hadn’t been down in ages, and since then, the whole vibe of the place had changed – or morphed. That’s a good thing, a sign of a dynamic community. The McCarren Park Pool concerts, a whole new generation of artists, musicians, scenesters, and everything else had cycled in. The whole DIY indie rocker feel was very much evident, but in a very unforced way. Certainly a treat for a bachelor living in Rockport.
It’s everything a surf shop should be: small, a good cross section of surfboards (Junod, Andreini, Fineline, Rainbow, Anderson, - are you listening Tyler?), and fins that would blow your mind. For duds, they have their own stuff -- zero Quikabong Stone Inc, plus Birdwells. Thank you. One more thing: the guys who work there could not be any nicer and more knowledgeable. I’ll be back, thanks! They hooked me up with this super board. Yes, I confess, I ordered a board last Summer, and sold the Tyler 305 to finance the project. It showed up in December. I felt so guilty, I didnt talk about it much.
A surf shop in Brooklyn? Yup. A surf shop in Brooklyn makes a lot of sense. They are close enough to Long Beach, Rockaway, Lido, and breaks all along the LI shore, plus the NJ breaks are just over the Verrazano. Now this is gonna ruffle feathers. Don’t take this wrong, but: the average skill set of surfers from LI & NJ is higher than that of New England. It’s only natural, more consistent surf, warmer water, and better weather will get you in the water more than around here. (As an aside – it’s been awful here!)
Lunch at La Superior:
Just go there if you like Mexican food. The real deal. Pick up a six of Tecate at the Bodega next door, and your good.
I read that a break in the routine is an easy way to lift you out of a funk. Whatever, I’ve been all inspired and up ever since.

Friday, January 2, 2009

first o' Jan

A bitterly cold day for the new year, 8° (-13° centigrade) with a blasting wind. Still a pretty day despite the cold. Let's hope the car starts.

I want this boat: