Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snorkeling the Cove


A long-planned exploration of the bottom of a heavy local spot. The hot shots ride the outside break. On the outside it's a nasty drop, but an otherwise fun right. But the rip outside is legendary. Ships have sunk here for crying out loud.

Inside the re-form peels right, about waist to chest high, but only during a nor'easter. So nice, but this is New England, there has to be a catch.


Hence the snorkel exploration. Surprise, mid tide and the botton is sandy, and rocks are well below log-depth.

The only catch is figuring out a place to park.

I look forward to doing a report of logging the inside. The hard core dudes will be risking it all for parking lot bragging rights. I'll be trimming on the inside, if I can park.