Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Surf of the Fall

Over the weekend of September 20th, 21st we had some fun wind swell.

Since my first post Montauk session at Good harbor (now dubbed Bad harbor) resulted in a trip to the emergency room with the mother-in-law of all ear infections, I wasn’t too jazzed about going back in there. This was in spite of the fact that it was waist high and fun looking on Saturday morning.

Guy and I are temporarily through with Bad Harbor so we took the scenic route up to Hampton. I never saw Salisbury before, it’s kinda cool in a seedy way, I’ll go back & shoot some 50’s architecture later.

It was slightly onshore when we got there, and the tide was getting kinda high for ideal loggin’ but after checking Jeness beach we went in at the wall.

Clown show. Some Irish bloke with an attitude claimed I dropped in on him and mowed me over in his foamy. Then some noisy bozo paddled out and would not stop shouting “AY AY AY AY AY AY AY KAHUNA AY AY AY AY AY”. OK, time to go.

Guy, let’s bail, let’s go to Jeness-ee.
Good choice.

Still kinda onshore, but I hooked into a bunch of fun righties. Guy, being a goofy foot made his sweet 9’0” JC Hawaii comp board do very nicely on the lefts. Jeness is an agreeable easy glide wave.

Sunday was a return to Cape Ann.

Waist high and crispy. In the morning I watched these 2 dudes from Maine kill it at the hotel side. Kill it! Nose riding, and getting mini barrels. One guy was on a soft top. You heard it here, dear readers, it isn’t the arrow, it’s the archer.
The tide was dropping, so I held off until the afternoon, and hit the creek at Long. We had fun waist high sliders with Brett, Swinny, Colin, and a few others. Water quality was only OK there as well. I scouted Bad Harbor afterwards, it was a bit bigger but so crowded.

It’s such a satisfying feeling when you know you’ve made the right choice.

Real waves are on the way this weekend.