Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smooth and Casual

It has been like the Springs I used to know as a kid. As for surf, nothing epic, but fun logging waves and so glassy. We all can get used to this. I guess I should be thankful for the especially cold water, it's thinning the lineups for this time of year.

So no pics from the Red Sox game, folks, (my first time in Fewnay in 31 years), that woudda been great.

But look at the little glassy waves, I'd be all over that. A Rhode trip rocked, the locals down there, I love them, they are the real deal, but they are so spoiled! Solid waist high point break and they're all "this is crap". Well, good, all the more for me! Always a good time, they don't now how good they got it down there.

Also - this is something very cool, and you should all check his out, these local filmmakers are competing internationally: