Sunday, June 21, 2009

The creek, the wall, and the secret spot

The Junod has been in my car since Tuesday night, getting me in the water 3 of the past 4 days. I already posted the results of Wednesday’s so-so session.
Unlike Bad Harbor, my favorite spot was empty, cleaner, but a touch smaller. Da creek: Always an easy choice, and always a good time.

New Hampshire Fun City.
Chest to head high, clean, sunny, 60° water 70° air. New Hampshire surf at it’s loggin’ best.

Secret Spot Surf Food:

This is the best place for Hampton post-surf grinds:

• Giant Acai Bowls -
• Quick & Delicious Stuffed Wraps & Salads -
• Caribbean Inspired Tacos & Burritos -
• Original South American Sandwiches -
• Hot Breakfast Burritos & Tacos