Friday, January 29, 2010

Anchors made easy

gettin all nautical and stuff, but bear with me.

Just about everywhere you look on Cape Ann, and New England seacoast in general is boats and boat stuff. It's all good, I mean boats rock, I used to live for them pre-surf.

But at the rate things are going, surfing is gonna mean boating as well - I started this out as a gripe, but now I'm all up, boating to a cool offshore spot? and the problem with that is?? I mean you can't sling a cat without hittin a damn boat of some kind out here.

That said:

Anchors made clear and easy - because at this rate surfing will mean boating - far from the madding crowd.
scan from Royce's Sailing Illustrated 2nd Printing 3rd Edition as a matter of fact