Friday, May 7, 2010

Aural fixation

^Not my ears by the way

My doctor says he'll turn me away if I show up with another Good Harbor aural petri dish.

It's enough that my ears have to listen to a lot of shit on a daily basis, but to immerse them in it is sheer self-neglect.


  1. ive started using earseal plugs from mack. they work way better than any custom plugs ive ever tried.. i dont know if its too late for your ears but id try em.

  2. AGH... EXOSTOSIS. Many years of agony dealing with this, multiple operations and for a time total loss of hearing in one ear. I had gone through this back when it was still a mystery as to the cause. This was back when they "flapped" your ear.

    Recovered my hearing finally after a year and multiple operations.

    Etymotic Research makes some killer ear plugs that seal 100% and is designed to still be able to hear audible frequency. These ear plugs are designed for musicians, they work great in the water!! Most other ear plugs that are designed for water tight seal has a tendency to mess with your inner ear and balance, Etymotic rules!