Monday, August 9, 2010

Pacifico Nose Riding Invitational

At last! a contest worth watching.

Joel Tudor, Herbie Fletcher (wow!), Tyler Hatzikian David Nuuwiha (WOW!!), Al the rockstar Knost, Tyler Warren, Kevin Connelly, Harrison Roach, Christian Wach, and Cody Simpkins.

final results:

1: Joel Tudor

2: Al Knost

3: Kevin Connelly

4: Tyler Warren

5: Tyler Hatzikian - way to represent, Tyler!!

Thanks to Mike Kim for this video! And good on Joel Tudor for putting this whole thing together. Regular longboard contests are about busting shortboard moves on a 9' + board. Umm, so what? This heer is what loggings' all about, friends.