Saturday, November 20, 2010

LA LA land recap day 1 - 2

Day One - the flight leaves on time, arrives early - 2 miracles, not just in my lifetime, but on the same day! The good juju continues when my Kia rental gets upgraded to a branc spanking new Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Cha ching! (double cha ching at the gas pumps - I'm still walking funny after 2 gas-ups)

I picked up my 9'8" Tyler Wingnose a"Private Reserve" model - meaning it was 'Zeke's own. The poor board - she'll never be surfed so well again.

Fuel consumption upgrade style - turn up that AC its 80. Crank the heat it's 50. The weather was perfect.
LA: land of groovy cars
On Sunday the Surf at El Porto was fun, and there were a few OH sets. I was thinking that in the afternoon on the low tide, with a little luck I might strike it good down at the Cove at PV. I struck it bad, but oh well, it's a pretty spectacular spot.
So I continued on to Long Beach just to check it out - a very pleasant and cool surprise. More about this, and much more, dear readers, next time.

But damn, it was good to be back.

El Porto from John Hintlian on Vimeo.