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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just what's been happening here the past few weeks

For anyone who might be interested. It's been cold as hell the past week, but fun & super clean conditions for most of the time. Too bad I have to work for most of the time, but I'm glad to be busy.
A semi-highlight was a chance random run in with a dude named Mike up in NH. That's a piece of glassed over insulation - you could still see the Pink Panther logo through the resin. Super loose but he ripped. Mike;'s a decent & super mellow sort too, whatever he's on, I want some. Maybe it's life, maybe I need to get busy living -- wow I'm deep.
Very cool light in the mild temps today:


  1. Amazing photos! What a beautiful place! So nice to see what the surf is doing in different parts of this world at any given time.

  2. Even though it is cold - I am ready to move there. The crowds are light, the waves look fun, and a guy rides a finless pink board made of insulation. GREAT!