Wednesday, February 2, 2011

But Rather than Gripe About it

Might as well make the best of it. Cross country skiing is an underrated activity, it's refreshing to not be fighting the snow and Winter blahs, and you're pretty sore the next day as well.
Back in the Vermont days I rode these skis a ton, a lasting memory would be x-c-ing with my girlfriend at the time (yes you read right - I need to get my groove back) on gorgeous trails and through the Vermont countryside on spectacular Winter afternoons. See, in college, unlike so many other UVMers I was on my own for spendin' dough. And all that went towards beer and records.

It looks like we'll have snow on the ground till July. I can't surf just yet, you'll see me on these 'big 80's' Miami Vice/Post Modern gold/avocado green/neon pink Rossignols. It's good to be back on them. And now I have Vermont on my mind. Hmm - the green mountain state, maybe a weekend jaunt sometime - if we ever get plowed out.