Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lower Your Standards

And you'll always have fun one way or another.

That's Josh & Jared doing a surfing x roller derby thing. But was it the tide? The sandbar? Racing, seriously, relly fast across the face of the thigh high set waves (yeah, I know) plus a fun who-gives-a-shit mentality in the lineup made for bags o'fun.
Also - did you ever have one of those sessions here you're especially loose? These times are usually "breakthrough" sessions. Here it was no excerption - major, major, major breakthrough for yours truly last night, folks.

All I can say is hang loose and the sky's the limit! It's a satisfying rush - a rush fresher than ever.
But some thought the who-gives-a-shit mentality applied to their shit.
Weep not, fellow treehuggers, with a little help, the doritofish found the recycling.
Loads of 2-foot hero waves, but dudes, what's with the wetsuits? It's 83°!