Tuesday, December 18, 2012

B.V.I. 2012: Stoked Despite the Conditions

DSC00421No all-time Capoon's or Cane Garden Bay, noy by a long-shot, but if you can't enjoy yourself on Tortola, you got a problem.  Conditions never got better than waist-chest, but even visiting Hawaiians were amazed by the water, lack of vibe, and geat people. "What's that? It's mild, clean and head high back home - wha - you're braking up on me I didn't quite get that - damn AT&T". Straight out of a storybook. The SUP world Tour was in town, waiting for good conditions for a contest. Great crew of folks, and they rip these tiny SUP's I dont think I could even surf. I mean rip! Dudes from Hawaii, Australia, Brazil, France, and US&A. But Meeting the good folks down there; playing some dominoes and pigging out at a full-on Wast Indies pig roast will go in the fond memory vault. DSC00396 One must place the dominoes own with a decisive CLACK! on the table. Rush hour Capoon's Bay style: DSC00437 Josiah's Bay from Naomi's Little Secret Bar, then the horrific news of the shooting came over the BBC - staff, tourists alike deeply saddened.
DSC00391 A longboard was the way to go, thanks Jet Blue - no dings, no problems, for $52. AND, thanks to Johnny O' it's staying down there, so no hauling the thing back - huge bonus! DSC00412 DSC00360 More soon, we have waves on the way here.