Monday, February 11, 2013

big storm wave pay-out

First big swell of 2013 - it took 6 weeks but what a pay-out! And for once the post-storm cleanup didn't include impossible winds. We were treated to big tides, a solid 8' on the sets (before backing off) and light offshores. Even the secluded favorite-gem spots were about as much fun as it gets. From a personal perspective, after the past week this could not have come at a better time. Quality stuff!

Joel paddles out.
_MG_1871_MG_1865 Chad & Guy _MG_1874 Takayama tint J.M.'s log
_MG_1915 Look at all this ****ing plastic. Fishing gear and tackle, tampon applicators, roll-on deoderant, bottles bottles & more bottles. Beyond gross. But can't end a good swell on a downer (couldn't ignore it either): _MG_1909
All sparkled-out. Some high tide spots of become more tide-tolerant - progress!.