Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Musclecar Monday Halloween Spooktacular

The Munster's Pat Priest in a promo shot - is that a Cragar mag? American racing? Pretty cool and good on Pat for being a good sport and rocking a Barris t shirt!

Munster Koach:

Va va voom!


  • The Koach was made from 3 Model T bodies and is 18 feet long.
  • The 133" frame was made by hand.
  • It has a four speed manual transmission and a power rear end.
  • The brass radiator and fenders were hand formed.
  • In 1964, the cost to build the first one was $18,000.00.
  • It had "blood red" velvet interior.
  • It took 500 hours to hand form the ornate rolled steel scrollwork.
  • It had Gloss Black Pearl paint.
  • The front end had a dropped axle, split radius rods and T springs.
  • The studio gave George Barris 21 days to complete the car.
  • There are 2 Barris Koach's

The Car another George Barris creation

Universally panned by critics: A film about a car possessed by Satan himself (or was the car Satan?, heavens!
if you're flipping through the channels some sleepless night and come across this 70's "gem", it's worth a few laughs.

Satan's car: a heavily modified '71 Lincoln (and I always thought he was a Caddy kinda guy - it went nicely with his blue dress).

Elvira's Badass Kustom '59 Thunderbird:

And what about Ed Roth? you ask - well there are many books written about him, but out of respect for the grand master: Wanna race?
Rat Fink Ed Big Daddy Roth - Race

Happy Halloween y'all!