Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's winter in America

It's winter, Lord knows
It's winter in America
And ain't nobody fighting
Cause nobody knows what to save
Save your souls
From Winter in America

All this BS cold & snow has put me in a Gil Scott-Heron frame of mind. I protest this unjust and cruel weather!
It will be one of these effing things after another until Easter. God give me strength.

Grab from the Hampton cam this morning (below). Yup 5° air temps, 37° water temps.
 This used to be a rare sight, now commonplace.
meanwhile in Sunny Tortola my bud Johnny 'O keeps taunting and gloating:

So if your freezing your ass, wondering when this will all end, this tune might help take the edge off:
And if you're sipping cold ones in the islands now why not enjoy it with a big bowl of of **** you, haha. Bastards!