Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stoked out on the Granite Stoke

This was the coolest little movie.
The Granite Stoke is a highly original film put together by 2 very talented young fellas. It was refreshing in that it avoided every cliche which has become commonplace in today's surf films.
  • No interviews where dudes are choked up with emotions holding back tears; sniff
  • No cutsie twee b.s. sentimentality
  • No self-indulgent soundtrack that only the director likes
  • No emo long filler shots of sunsets, sunrises, horizons, etc
  • and zero pretense.
  • And most importantly the proceeds from this move don't go to Vans or Quiksilver stockholders, or wherever - they go to help the most excellent Molly Fund --supporting kids with cancer.
Bravo Ryan Scura and Dylan Ladd, the movie premiere was a blast, can't wait to see their next project.

If this film comes around your town while on tour, don't take it for granite. (sorry)