Friday, June 27, 2014

Mateo, Brittany, and the Mellow Yellow

Footnote Friday
The year was 1999, the Seedling had not yet come out, all that was available was the oh so ripped off The Embryo of Fine Flow, Siestas and Olas, Adrift, and Bruce Brown's movies like Barefoot Adventure.

Longboards were back, of course, but these Cooperfishes and Matt/Brittany were unlike anything else out there at the time. What was refreshing was no one was trying to be cool, or cutie, or twee, or emo, or derivative. Freshness in the form of these two talented elves, and their designs. I'm sure there were other cool folks in the underground (Bob O', Tyler, Jim the genius, etc.)

The Mellow Yellow was Matt’s design (or was it Brittany’s?) and they were foiled out on the nose & tail and had a bubble-bulge amidships. They looked like kelp bubbles, they looked like they were of the ocean, rather than being on the water to announce “I’m here to shred the water brah”. Cooperfishes - and the Mellow Yellow seemed to encapsulate something very cool, and something which has not been replicated since (despite the efforts of a ton of posers).

The anti-heroes moved to Baja, and are doing their thing, as always. Shaping, surfing, and being ripped off.

Try watch:

The Embryo of FineFlow from Fine Flix Films on Vimeo.