Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Phillips Strawberry Shortcut

I got this in Camden Maine a few summers ago - everything about it was so bright and fresh. And the clear WAVE set fin is intact.

DSC01303 A few tidbits about it from the most excellent - It was a pretty popular model, shaped in Rhode Island in 1968 and at 8'6" was a shortboard. The pattern on the deck was airbrush through someone's mother's table cloth.  Incense & peppermint.  The coral tint lights up like stained glass in the sun.
Direct from the genius....

"The deck art was done with large lace table cloths and a vintage form of air sprays, rechargable/refillable paint cans.I shaped over 2,000 of the Strawberry Short Cuts, the name was from an Eastern Airlines story on rapid delivery of fresh strawberries and of course, the hippie imagery and names of the era, i:e, Strawberry Alarm clock"
Anyway I'm bringing this down to the Newport Surf Fest this Saturday - wonderin' what I'll find out.

The Hansen will the representing too.