Thursday, April 30, 2015

April re-cap - back in the water (finally) and a month of surreal sunsets

If it wasn't one thing it was another, but for the 1st time singe I began surfing I was out of the water for 3 months (not counting Tortola). The main reason was all the snow - it was that debilitating. Any free time was spent shoveling the roof, only to make way for the next blizzard. And even when you were able to get out, where could you go? Our fair commonwealth was declared a federal disaster area. lastly, the few times I loaded up the gear to scout around, conditions were strong offshores, and air temps of 15° (-9deg; centigrade). All set, thanks.
But that was then. It's almost May now, and here are some random pics from the past few weeks.

_MG_3675 _MG_3690 _MG_3716
My 1st Red Sox - Yankees game ever. ­čśä this Friday #redsox #yankeessuck
Seeing my 1st Red Sox-Yankees game ever
quite possibly the biggest rivalry in American sport - STOKED!