Saturday, January 16, 2016

January Redemption - enjoying oneself

The big Patriots game kept the crowds down in what turned out to be a pretty fun session. Air temp: 40°, water temp: 45°, which isn't too bad for mid-January - I'm still weary from last winter, yeah it was that bad.

But that was then, today rocked, an overnight blow cleared out and cleaned up pretty nicely, or nice enough for me.

January Redemption, or how Hye Tyde got his groove back

Question: Ever have a streak of depression sessions?
The stage is set: The surf has been pretty consistent and your pals are all stoked. One bad session, and you're OK, after all without crappy sessions we damn sure wouldn't have outstanding sessions, would we? But after 3 sessions of donkey impersonating it's almost healing in a way when you finally get your grove back: some good waves, maybe some good company in the lineup - stay in the moment; enjoying oneself.

Johnny O stylin': (above, below)
IMG_3847 IMG_3861 IMG_3880 IMG_3868
Triple 7 (777) - never lets me down
I don't always ride in the snow, but when I do it's in a 777. @tylersurfboards #wintersurf