Sunday, April 5, 2009

Payoff After Much Driving and Waiting

What was supposed to be a fun waist plus swell turned out to be a true long period head high groundswell.
New Hampshire – the points were firing, and as is customary the wind was blasting offshore. To give you an idea, an unsecured surfboard blew off the roof of a car on two separate occasions. I’m all set with this wind, and I just wasn’t feeling it with a noserider.
Back to Cape Ann. The thinking was wait out the wind (still cranking 36 hours later, by the way), and get wet on Cape Ann if I felt like it, the tide would be favorable. I changed it up and grabbed the Mini Zeke (unused since November) and hit shoulder high fast breaking sectiony Bad Harbor for a late afternoon go.
So-so with the you know what until the last wave of the day. A blistering left, straight into the offshores, but who cares the Mini Zeke is the original saucy monkey, doing stuff a volan single fin isn’t supposed to do.

Climbing, dropping, trimming. No cutting back, just trim and stay ahead of the break. In a low stance over the sweet spot, I covered over 100 plus with speed I’ve never known at the home break, the ride just wouldn’t end.
Why don’t I ride this more often? Tyler knows his stuff.