Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post work surf, The Present, and the Mattson 2

Mushy waves but the warm, light off-shores were so welcome, and the sunset was one for the books. All this made for a good time, a perfect way to unwind after a long week.
The real story was seeing the present last night at the Portsmouth Music Hall up in New Hampshire. Thomas Campbell has done it again, that’s all I’ll say. There I was, seeing a T. Moe flick on the big screen with a room full of other like minded folks. It was one of those rare occasions where I felt like I belonged. Or was at least fully and unconditionally welcome. Al last: a square hole for the square peg.

We picked up our tickets and took our seats. The Mattson 2 were jamming on the stage as a pre-show warm up. A pair of lanky brothers in sharkskin suits and skinny ties were just doing their thing. One Gibson and a set of drums and mellow jazzy sounds full of light and space. Please check the links. I wish I had brought my camera, dang it. The look the part - quintessential San Diego surfers, but it ends there, they hung out after the show, totally unassuming. Zero pretense - they don't need it, being such an original act.

A quick raffle and then the show. And get this, a theatre where you can go to the lobby for a pint of beer or a box of Junior Mints. Whatever you desire. Was it a men’s room – or a grotto? That’s entertainment. The folks up in Portsmouth got a good thing going.

Next time – all about Hansen 50-50’s