Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hansen Shakedown Run

Roger Beal did a super job patching her up and even making a few passes with the polisher. The old Hansen is a bit sunburned, but no, and I mean no delam, no gawd-awful water stains, and the foam is still bright enough.
It’s been hot and flat, too hot for cycling, so a few “fitness paddles” provided a good opportunity to chill, swim, paddle, and learn about the 43 year-old, “Doyle Designed” longboard from Cardiff.

• It’s heavy, but once it gets going, it’s like a Lincoln Continental
• It turns! – Special J proved it in a few 18” waves - and thanks for the pics!
• It looks cool – at that ‘s all that matters, isn’t it?
• It looks like it’s a keeper
I always wanted one of these, and it’s my own little connection to the golden era.