Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Danny and the 50-50

Diamond in the rough vs. treasure chest
So often surfing around here is a search for a diamond in the rough. Very rough sometimes. This can get old, especially when you know that real waves with offshore winds and long rides and warm water and blah blah blah are about 2 hours away. Diamonds in the rough? How about the Franklin *$#%ing Mint! Again, nothing epic, but fun chest high waves suit me just fine.
Change up the quiver choices if you can:
We all have our go-to boards. We like them more because we know them better, and vice-versa. And as is the case for me, I use the other boards when the conditions are off, decreasing the stoke and affection I have for the board. Take the alternative board out on an ideal day, whatever that is for you. You’ll have a blast and add some diversity to your surf experiences. It worked for me during Bill with the Anderson, and it worked for me during Danny and the ’66 Hansen 50–50.

The Hansen in a real wave:
Old boards are fun to take out on a tiny day. But how would this beast go in a real wave? Who wouldn’t want to know? Besides, the thing has kicked around garages, been abused & sunburned since God knows when.

But it goes, it hums along, literally, the fin vibrates and hums, an added benefit as it were. While not as refined and fast as the Tyler 777, it’s a great rider. It paddles and catches waves easily. The 50-50 still gives up fun turns and cutbacks, and glide galore in full trim. At the Old Timer’s contest this thing will rock I wonder when the last time the board actually cut back in a real wave.

Now I know how the board goes in a real wave, my go-to board will still be there for next time.