Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Summer ends quietly on autumnal Labor Day.
The wall got pretty damn fun on Saturday Afternoon, which will probably be the last of the trunks only days. The Sand Dollar model is perfect, this is a super board.

Taste ‘O Fall
Easterly drift makes for ideal bike ride conditions. I did about an hour and a half through Essex & Ipswich. Along 133 there was this very clean old Porsche 911; about the purest 911 there is. A rare 2.2 liter from 1970, and a car that really took me back into the roots of time. This Steve McQueen replica will serve as the Musclecar Monday car of the week:P9060018.JPG

Labor Day – Goodbye to Summer.

A spec-ops photo and swim session for the tale end of the best season.