Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nothing like a Gloucester Cat

After seeing the 3rd mouse in the house last week, it was time to be proactive. This place needs a set of watchful kitty eyes at all times.

Growing up we always had cats and even a dog or two. The cats always came from the Cape Ann Animal Aid. Visit their site:

Her name is Sheila, she loves attention, dry cat food, string, and the laser pointer. She's very vocal, sounding off at first light. I'm not a cat person, but she's good company.
I'll keep you posted on the mousekill tally.


  1. Wow Hinty, I just wrote about Mr JJ Jinglenuts big kill last night-

    and lo and behold I open up my google reader newsfeed to see this post from you about Sheila.

    Yikes. That's crazy coincidental!