Friday, April 30, 2010

Respek for some shapers

There’s not enough respek in the world. Try looking up Respek in the dictionary, you won't find it! What’s the world coming to? Well it stops here and now. At the Tyde, we’re going to give some.

This list could go on forever. Here’s are just a few happening shapers that I'd like for you to check out:

Oak Foils
Straight outta Hermosa, bitches!
During my El Porto days, you’d see some heavy South Bay guys blowing the @#$% up on his boards. Wayne Okamoto’s the real deal. Ask anyone who rides one.

The next generation of Orange County shapers is coming of age. I know I’d dig his work when I read this off his blog: ”Yet still he prefers one with a smooth outline, a heavy glass job and one fin.” I’d love one of these too, and I’d never hold the fact that he makes an Al Knost signature board against him, really.

Maine represent, yo!
Wood surfboards – buy the kit and make it yourself, or they can do it for you too. From 12 footers to paipos, thrusters, fish, the whole nine:

see the Grain website

Look at the boards, something for everyone, and if you don’t find something you’d love to have in your quiver, you’re stupid. The northern pintail gets my pick,

Point Concepts
Ryan Lovelace makes groovy hulls, fish, stubbies, and gliders in Ventura. My buddy Ed has one and he swears by it. Hulls aren’t really my bag, but maybe it I tried one of his; I’d come away with a different point of view. Isn’t his twin keel fish clean?
Ed on his hull:

Boarddesign By Zephaniah Carrigg

Zeph is alive and well and shaping in Ventura.

While with Bing, his “IsIs” model achieved a near cult-like following.

Well listen up, spuds, he’s on his own now, and the gorgeous boards continue.

Just look at the glassing & shapes.
Zeph's blog

His Indy noserider is on my short list.

Corrections, comments, etc, please send ‘em in. Yes, I’m still chugging the Hatzikian’s Kool Aid, and yes, my ashes will be paddled out on my 777.

Didn’t make the list? I’ll be doing another sometime soon, like I said, send in the names. Still annoyed? How about a nice hot cup of lighten up?

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