Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dog Bar Breakwater - Image: Bodin Historic Photo

Dog Bar Breakwater, circa 1906 (note lack of rip rap on the ocean side on right) Alice M. Curtis/© Fredrik D. Bodin

I'm totally gleeping/stealing/ripping off this post from the excellent Good Morning Gloucester blog because I think it's so flipping cool.

article by Fred Bodin:
Dog Bar Breakwater extends nearly half a mile from the tip of Eastern Point across the entrance to Gloucester Harbor. It not only shelters the harbor, but also covers the treacherous Dog Bar Reef, for which it is named. Construction by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began in 1894 and continued until December 1905. The foundation of the structure is granite rubble taken from Cape Ann quarries, and is capped by 12 ton granite blocks supplied by the Cheves Granite Company of Rockport. A total of 231,760 tons of granite were used to build the breakwater. A small tower lighthouse marks it’s outermost extremity.

Head's up:
Fred Bodin has the coolest gallery on Main St. in downtown Gloucester. If you want to see (and buy) amazing photographs, dont miss it.

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