Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

And to think I alomost blew this off - nawhh, it's 1:30, "either the wind will be on it or it will be flat". Au contraine mon frere.
But it started out with waves but wonky shape. Danielle, a friend & her friend Hannah (who rips) decided to wait an hour or so for the tide to fill in. Good call!DSC00083
OK, not Hawaiian style but my home break has been overrun by the most obnoxious wave hog, all set, thanks. But up here, it's all good. And I gotta say, the French Canadians aren't all that bad, they keep to themselves on the crappy peaks, havin' a grand 'ole time - hootin' & a-hollerin', and then spendin' their dough like drunken sailors afterwards. Also those French girls - are all Quebecoises total knockouts?
Speaking of home, it's been another gorgeous Summer around here. I hope it's a gorgeous Summer everywhere.