Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wavelength - You never let me

Or Van Morrison wrote surf music.

You're all spared the day by day & wave by wave. Boring to read, exhausting to write. But trips like this: what can you say? A full week later and the glow remains. A glow I never knew before.
OK - no more BS - I'll cut to the chase:

So I'm driving home tonight, wondering how to best put it that it was an incredible trip, and getting nowhere. Then over the classic rock radio Van Morrison crackled through and it hit me - whether he khew it or not Van wrote the best surf song ever and nailed how a lot of us feel about it all.

Wavelength - when it came out in '78 I thought it was OK (being only 13 at the time), now 34 years later it's an anthem.

Wavelength - You never let me

When I'm down you always comfort me
When I'm lonely you see about me
You are ev'ry where you're 'sposed to be
And I can get your station
When I need rejuvenation

Wavelength - You never let me

That, friends just about sums it up, doesn't it?

Amen! & please give it a listen on youtube or wherever and let me know if I'm off my ass or if you get it too!
Sneak preview! There are too many good photos from this trip to cover it all in one post. So stay tuned for articles about the fresh Triumphs, oceanographic porn, the 7'2" Egg (what!?), and an all rude-girl issue.