Saturday, September 15, 2012

Waves, Sickles, Girls

Or, the Mummies wrote surf music. The garage rock reference was irresistable. This is the tail end of the Leslie love-in. Some waves, amazing Triumphs (sickles) and girls do indeed rip!
Above: your's truly hooks into one of many loooong rides (photo: Special J)

Keepin' it greezy Pete's Triumph and some pickem' up truck envy:
A different 'Trump' bobber:
Shop dog:

Girls rip:
Dumbass cracker got in the way of this shot - but she was tearing it up on a log.

Garage-punk isn't everyone's bag but the incredible Mummies gave me the inspiration for the title. "Food, Sickes, Girls!". Swap food for waves and what else matters?!