Saturday, September 15, 2012

Waves, Sickles, Girls

Or, the Mummies wrote surf music. The garage rock reference was irresistable. This is the tail end of the Leslie love-in. Some waves, amazing Triumphs (sickles) and girls do indeed rip!
Above: your's truly hooks into one of many loooong rides (photo: Special J)

Keepin' it greezy Pete's Triumph and some pickem' up truck envy:
A different 'Trump' bobber:
Shop dog:

Girls rip:
Dumbass cracker got in the way of this shot - but she was tearing it up on a log.

Garage-punk isn't everyone's bag but the incredible Mummies gave me the inspiration for the title. "Food, Sickes, Girls!". Swap food for waves and what else matters?!


  1. yeahhhhh! stoked to have made it into a girl's rip Hye Tyde post. Thanks for the sweet pix!

  2. stoked that you're stoked - best late Summer trip for me in a long long time!